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Knight >
A Student Government Association of a university wanted to promote both their association and their university mascot, called "Knightro". They chose to crate a stress reliever in their mascots shape and place their S.G.A. logo on the back of the item.

pg28b.jpg (10381 bytes)Blood Platelet > A pharmaceutical company wanted to promote one of their drugs that helps that blood to clot. The promotional solution that they decided on was to make a stress reliever that would look like a blood platelet. This item was used as a tradeshow give-away.

pg28c.jpg (11069 bytes)Mini Dock > A manufacturer of a portable docking station (a part that facilitates easy transfer of data from one computer to another) for laptop computers needed a promotional product that could be used for two different promotional purposes. One was that it needed to able to be used as a tradeshow giveaway. The other promotional need to be filled was for the item to be able to be given out to sales representatives and be an incentive for them to promote this particular laptop docking station. The solution that was chosen was to make a replica of the computer part as a stress reliever.

pg28d.jpg (9232 bytes)3 People Stress Reliever> A pharmaceutical company wanted to promote a new drug used for re-integrating schizophrenic patients back into society. A salesperson presented an idea to create a stress reliever shape that showed a doctor and nurse on each side of the patient, the patient extended out from the surface and had the drug name on the back of the shape. The underlying theme of the item was the re-integration of the patient back into society through the help of a doctor, nurse and the particular drug – this idea won a PPAI Silver Pyramid Award for 1997. The item was sent psychiatrists worldwide with the purpose of promoting the use of the re-integration drug with their schizophrenic patients.

pg28e.jpg (10758 bytes)Motorola Pager > A nationwide distributor of pagers wanted to promote a new model. The idea that they decided on was to make an exact replica of the new product as a stress reliever and use it as a giveaway to generate excitement and interest among their extensive client base.

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Worker Man >
A South American worker/construction company wanted a promotional item that would both fit their company worker slogan and be used as a giveaway to thank their customers for choosing their company. They also wanted it to be used as a giveaway to young people and be a promotional incentive to come work for their company. The promotional solution that they chose was making a stress reliever in the shape of a young man that had overalls and a pleated shirt, which made him look like a worker.

pg28g.jpg (8850 bytes)Honda Acura & Accord > Honda’s finance department needed a promotional item that could be given to finance managers to encourage them to suggest to potential car buyers to lease the vehicle. Honda decided to create replicas of their ’98 Acura and Accord models thinking that not only would it succeed in increasing the number of car leases, but also would generate excitement over their new cars.

pg28h.jpg (12605 bytes)Cotton Ball with Worm > A pedigree seed company wanted to market a pesticide designed for controlling worms in cotton crops. The solution they decided on was to create a stress reliever in the shape of a cotton ball with a large worm wrapping halfway around the piece of cotton. This item was used as a direct mail piece. The piece has been nominated as the Best Promotional Item for 1997 in the agriculture Industry.

pg28i.jpg (14699 bytes)Cell Stress Reliever > A pharmaceutical company has a new injectable drug being introduced and was looking for some way to promote it. This drug was for people whose immune system had been compromised, such as AIDS patients, and to help re-establish it. The promotional idea that they decided on was to make a stress reliever that looked like the drug on the molecular level. Their intended use of the item was a giveaway at a medical convention. But when they received the product they were so pleased with it that they decided to also use item as a direct mail piece to be sent to doctors who could potentially use the medicine for their patients.


     Our products are made out of high quality polyurethane, which is both non-toxic and biodegradable. Polyurethane is also a resilient, very pleasurable material to feel that can be molded in an endless variety of different shapes, colors, firmness, and softness. Stress relievers as a promotional product have incredible versatility. They have the ability to be used as a complete and compact promotional program for virtually any company, large or small. These stress balls provide excellent solutions for marketing.

Industry Suggested Stress Shapes Creative Application/Slogan
Agriculture/Farming Fruits, Vegetables, Farm Animals Produce company – use vegetable/fruit assortment tagline – "for the freshest produce"
Associations/Clubs Sports balls, Valentine Heart, Earth, Diamond, #1, Smiley Face Disaster relief organization – use the Valentine Heart as a token of appreciation for donators
Auto/Transportation Sedans, Delivery Truck, Jeeps, Van, Sports Car, Semi-Truck, Earth Ball, Animals, Potato, Vegetables Use keytags as handouts to customers at car dealerships
Chemical Stress Ball, #1, Semi-Truck, Earth Ball, Animals, Potato, Vegetables Fruits, Vegetables – promote a company engineering better food
Civic Dollar sign, Buses, Valentine Heart, #1, Lightbulb, Captain Smiley Civic centers – lightbulb – promote use of the centers to keep kids out of trouble
Construction House, Brick, Cargo Boat, Lightbulb, Worker, #1, Equipment House construction firm – use House tagline – "for your dream home"
Electronics Battery, Television, Computer, Laptop, Cell Phones, Pagers, Telephone Television station – use TV as a handout to the station’s employees
Environmental Tree, Earth Ball, Whale, Zoo/Jungle Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Lightbulb Earth Ball – tagline – "producing cleaner products for a better tomorrow"
Financial House, #1, Brain, Diamond, Peach, Desktop Computer, Star, $ Financial services company – use house promotion to raise # of house loans –
Fitness/Health Sports Balls, Anatomical Hearts, Lungs, Valentine Heart, Fruits, Vegetables, Sheep Health club – use Fruits – handout to people opening new memberships
Food Hamburger, Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken, Milk Cow, Eggs, Turkey, Shark Food producer – use Turkey tagline – "nobody knows turkey like…"
Government Agency Dollar Sign, Earth Ball, Credit Card, #1, Stress Ball, Lightbulb, Nose Tax company – use Nose – tagline – "need help? Give us a call, nobody nose more about taxes"
Hospitalities Stress Ball, Fruits, Vegetables, Delivery Truck, Earth Ball, House Apartment lease – use House – tagline – "need temporary living space? Give us a visit"
Industrial Products Airplane, Earth Ball, Cargo Boat, Stress Ball, Computer, Cars Plane manufacturer – use Plane – promotional give-away to potential buyers
Insurance Telephone, Cell Phone, Pager, House, Cars, Capsule, Pill Home insurance – tagline – "give ____ a call, we’ll take care of all your insurance needs"
Mass Media Book, Television, Computer, Star, Earth Ball, Ear Book signing – use Book as a handout for people attending
Medical/Pharmaceutical Valentine Heart, all Anatomical & Pharmaceutical Items Eye doctor – use Eye as a customer handout thanking them for choosing your office
Professional Offices Cell Phones, Pager, Telephone, Golf Ball, Laptop, Computer, Sports Balls Law office – tagline – "law problems? Give the law experts a call"
Retail Keytags, T-shirt Children’s toy store – all of the Animals, Fruits and Vegetables would be perfect
Schools & Colleges Brain, Apple, School Bus, Dollar Sign, Sports Ball, Telephone, Apple Send to potential financial donors for a school tagline – "investing in tomorrow"
Service Businesses Credit Card, Earth Ball, Delivery Truck, Stress Ball, #1, Hand, Service Van Catering service – use Earth Ball – send to prior customers tagline – "we deliver the world"
Technology Computer, Laptop, Computer Mouse, Cell Phones, Pagers, Lightbulb, U2K Bug Technology tradeshow – use Laptop as a give-away to corporate computer buyers
Utilities Lightbulb, Earth Ball, House, Stress Ball, Delivery Truck, Star, Telephone Phone company providing new local service from deregulation – use Telephone

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